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Glaxo Group Limited and Anr. vs. Indkus Biotech India and Ors. (CS (COMM) 321/2024)

Recently, the firm obtained an ex-parte ad interim injunction on behalf of its client, Glaxo Group Limited (“GSK”), before the Delhi High Court. The suit was based on GSK’s earlier rights in the T-BACT, CEFTOL, BETNESOL marks and the BETNESOL and BETNOVATE packaging. In the matter, the defendants were selling pharmaceutical and medicinal products with identical active ingredients bearing the TEEBACT, CEFTOL, and BETASOL marks and in packaging similar to GSK’s marks and packaging. In light of GSK’s prior statutory and common law rights, J. Anish Dayal restrained the defendants from manufacturing, marketing, selling, etc. pharmaceutical preparations bearing the infringing marks and packaging

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