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Our highly experienced and talented team of litigators is admitted to practice before all courts in India. The team has successfully represented the firm’s clients in enforcing IP rights in a highly cost-effective and efficient manner. Our constant endeavour is to first evaluate whether it is possible to settle a matter before approaching a court. Even after a suit is filed, our lawyers have been trained to make informed decisions on whether to approach the opposite party to resolve the matter before going to trial. We keep our clients informed about all aspects of a litigated manner and our advice is always practical and result oriented. In addition, our team has a great deal of experience with criminal enforcement matters around the country.  


The firm also has expertise in handling contested matters before all the five Trade Marks Registries and other tribunals in the country. Our lawyers are well-versed with proceedings before the Registries and provide tailor-made advice to clients on how best to navigate these proceedings.  


An overview of our expertise is set out below:

  • Pre-litigation assessment and advice

  • Sending tailored demand letters, corresponding with opposite parties

  • Assessment of settlement options, if feasible and advice on potential settlement

  • Presenting arguments in all courts

  • Advising clients during an ongoing litigation proceeding, making strategic decisions on all aspects of a matter

  • Preparing witnesses at trial, handling examination and cross-examination of witnesses

  • Handling all aspects of a court trial

  • Handling domain name disputes

  • Criminal enforcement actions around the country,

  • Designing, conducting and managing online enforcement programs for clients, including, detecting online threats and following through with appropriate action

  • Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and conciliation proceedings

  • Advising on and handling opposition and cancellation proceedings before all Registries

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