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Business today is not just about making a profit, it is much more! As economic inequality, climate change, and other problems impact communities worldwide, many organizations are focusing on their social responsibilities.  We at Sujata Chaudhri IP Attorneys are no different.  Some of our initiatives are as follows: 


Environmental Sustainability: We have sustainably reduced the use of plastic items, such as disposable plates, spoons, pots, etc. in our office.  We undertake regular audits to determine the source of plastic waste, if any, and eliminate it from the source or replace it with different materials.  In addition, the firm’s management has successfully replaced all lights with LED lights.  We also encourage all our people to switch off lights when not in use and have encouraged, for a while now, the practice of segregating dry and wet waste. 


Educational Assistance:  The firm believes that education is the surest way to a better society.  We provide to all in the firm, irrespective of their designation, a generous monthly educational allowance for up to two school-going children. 


Financial Support:  Since its inception, our firm has supported Nai Disha, a school in Noida, that provides free education to children until grade 12.  Our last contribution to this school was to get the flooring of their library replaced completely, and donating books for the children.  In addition, the firm has donated desktops to Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust, an NGO in Noida, that is engaged in providing education and educational opportunities to underprivileged school-going children.  These computers are being used by more than 80 children of all ages not only for their school work, but also for learning computer-aided design, coding, etc. Over the years, the firm has supported Muskaan, PAEPID, an NGO in Vasant Kunj, that supports intellectually disabled adults.  Besides supporting these organizations, the firm donates, regularly, to initiatives run by the Indian Army, including initiatives that provide medical facilities to Army veterans.


Employee Wellness: The pandemic has taught all of us that being mentally and physically healthy should be a priority for all.  The firm provides a monthly wellness allowance to eligible persons.  This allowance can be used for availing gym memberships, yoga instruction, meditation classes, fitness equipment, and the like. 

Pro Bono Services:  Over the years, Sujata Chaudhri IP Attorneys has been providing advisory services to domestic workers.  In addition, many of our senior lawyers have provided their valuable time for developing educational modules for law students and budding lawyers.

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